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Shahrukh Khan upcoming movie list 2021-22

Shahrukh Khan is just confirmed that he is gonna  work with Rajkumar Hirani
A big news comes earlier from the Bollywood buzz, everybody wants to know that what's Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies and shahrukh Khan don't wanted to talk about on his upcoming movies, since one year Shahrukh Khan didn't say anything about his upcoming movies and all the rumors passed in the Bollywood  for Shahrukh Khan and King Khan denies every rumor that come out about his upcoming movies.
All the rumors about Shahrukh Khan upcoming movies is becomes a  big news in the film industries and all the fans of Shahrukh Khan focus on the news which spread by the fake and worst news makers, but nobody knows that Shahrukh Khan is work whom and he didn't confirmed that he is sign a film or not.
Shahrukh Khan starts a question answer session on Twitter. Which is Trend on twitter as  #AskSrk in this hashtag all the fans of Shahrukh Khan comes on twitter and start question about his mega star that they want…