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President Donald Trump delivers remarks at Anti-Abortion March for all times rally – 1/24/2020

President Donald Trump addresses the March for all times rally on Friday, making him the primary sitting president within the event's 47-year history to attend face to face the Washington protest against the landmark Roe vs. Wade ruling.

President Donald Trump addresses the March for all times rally on Friday, The Minnesota to the hills Detroit down to Houston every American heart and it's time we stand well thank you very much and thank you Jeannie. It is my profound honor to be the primary president in history to attend the March for all times. We're here for a straightforward motivation to safeguard the privilege of each kid conceived and unborn to fulfill their inherent potential for a long time Americans everything being equal have traveled from across the country to face for all times and today as president of the United States. I am truly proud to stand with you. I want to welcome tens of thousands this is often an incredible turnout tens of thousands of high school and college students. Who took long bus rides to be here in our nation's capitol and to form you are feeling even better there are tens of thousands of individuals outside that. We passed on the way in if anybody would like to give up their spot we could work that out you have a tremendous group of people outside thousands and thousands wanted to urge here this is often some great success children are the guts of the March for all times and it is your generation that's making America the star family genius life country the existence development is driven by tough ladies astounding confidence pioneers and bold understudies. Who keep it up the legacy of pioneers before us before to spice up the conscience of our nation and uphold the rights of our citizens you embrace mothers with care and compassion. President Donald Trump, You are controlled by supplication and inspired by unadulterated unselfish love you are appreciative and we are so thankful these are mind blowing individuals to be joined by secretary. Alexei czar and Kellyanne Conway and thanks also to senators Mike Lee and James Lankford who are here thank you fellows and Representatives.

Steve Scalise, chris smith, ralph Abraham, warren Davidson, bob latta john joyce lloyd Schmucker brian fitzpatrick and Brad Wenstrup thank you all and I have to mention and that. I check out it I see it exactly we've many more politicians within the audience but if you do not mind I won't introduce them all folks here today understand endless truth every child may be a precious and sacred gift from. God together we must protect cherish and defend the dignity and therefore the sanctity of each human life once we see the image of a baby within the womb we'd glimpse the majesty of God's creation when we hold a newborn in our arms we all know the endless love that every child brings to a family once. We watch a toddler grow. We see the splendor that radiates from each human soul one life changes the planet from my family and that I can tell you I send love and that i send great great love and from the primary day in office I've taken a historic action to support America's families and to guard the unborn and through my first week in office. President Donald Trump, I reinstated and expanded the Mexico City policy and we issued a landmark pro-life rule to govern the use of title ten taxpayer funding. I advised Congress that i'd veto any enactment that debilitates star life strategies or that empowers the obliteration of human life at the United Nations. I clarified that worldwide officials should not be assaulting the power of countries that secure honest life unborn youngsters haven't had a more grounded safeguard inside the .White House and because the Bible tells us everyone is wonderfully made we've taken decisive action to guard the religious liberty so important religious liberty has been under fire everywhere the planet and admittedly very strongly attacked in our nation. You see it better than anyone but we are stopping it and we're taking care of doctors nurses teachers and groups just like the. Younger Siblings of the Poor we are saving religious reception and to maintain our establishing reports we've affirmed 187 government judges who apply the Constitution as composed including two phenomenal Supreme Court justices Neal corsets and Brett Kavanaugh.

We are securing star life understudies right to free discourse on school grounds and in the event that colleges need government citizen dollars, at that point they should maintain your First Amendment right to talk your mind and if they do not they pay a really big financial penalty which they're going to not be willing to pay sadly the left is effectively attempting to delete our inherent rights shut down religious foundations prohibited strict devotees from the open square and quietness Americans. President Donald Trump, Who believe the sanctity of life they're coming after me because i'm fighting for you and that we are fighting for those that haven't any voice and we will win because we all know the way to win. We all skills to win we all skills to win you have been winning for an extended time you have been winning for an extended time together. We are the voice for the voiceless with regards to fetus removal Democrats ISM and you realize this you've seen what's happened Democrats have grasped the most radical and extreme positions taken and seen during this country for years and decades and you'll even say for hundreds of years nearly every top Democrat in Congress. Now supports taxpayer-funded abortion all the way up until the moment of birth last year lawmakers in New York cheered with the light upon the passage of legislation that would permit a child to be torn from the mother's belly until conveyance at that point. We add the case of the Democrat governor in the state of Virginia the Commonwealth of Virginia and we love the Commonwealth of Virginia but what is going on in Virginia what's happening the governor stated that he would execute a baby after birth you remember that Senate Democrats even blocked legislation that might give medical aid to babies. President Donald Trump,  Who survived attempted abortions and that's why I've called on Congress to of our great senators here so many of our congressmen here and called upon them to defend the dignity of life and to pass legislation prohibiting late term abortion of youngsters.

Trump Sharing the experience:

Who can feel pain in their mother's womb this year the March for Life is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which forever enshrined women's rights to vote in the us and given by the us . President Donald Trump, Constitution such an enormous event today many extraordinary women across America are using the facility of their votes to fight for the proper and every one of their rights as given  within the Declaration of Independence. It's the right to life to all or any the ladies here today your devotion in your leadership uplifts our entire nation and that we many thanks for that the tens of thousands of USA citizens gathered today not only represent life it's really here that they represent it so proudly together and that i want to thank everybody for that you simply stand for life each and every day. You provide housing education jobs and medical aid to the ladies that you simply serve you President Donald Trump, discover loving families for youngsters in need. Need of an eternity home you have child showers for expecting mothers you make you just make it your life's strategic help spread God's effortlessness and to all or any of the mothers here today. We celebrate you and we declare that mothers are heroes your strength devotion and drive is what powers our nation and because of you our country has been blessed with amazing Souls.

Trump Addressing youngsters:

 Who have changed the course of human history. We cannot know what our citizens yet unborn will achieve the dreams they're going to imagine the masterpieces they're going to create the discoveries they're going to make but we all know this every life brings love into this world every child brings joy to a family everyone is worth protecting and in particular we all know that every human spirit is divine and every human life conceived and unborn is made inside the blessed picture of Almighty God together we'll shield this reality the whole way across our glorious land. We will let loose the dreams of our people and with determined hope we glance forward to all or any of the blessings which will come from the sweetness talent purpose nobility and beauty of each American child. I want to thank you there's a very special moment it's so great to represent you President Donald Trump, I love you all and I say with true passion thank you god bless you and God bless America thank you all thank you.


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