Socking News from Iran to Killing US President Donald Trump

Who will get prize 3 Million Dollars to kill US President Donald Trump

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A Top leader of Iran Government announce a prize of 3 million Dollars for killing of United States President Donald Trump, yes you all shocked from this news but it’s come from sources that Iran's top leader says that just kill US President  Donald Trump and get 3 million Dollars prize from the Iran govt, after the death of Kasim Sulemani Iran wants revenge from America. as we know US forces killed Iran's big strategic leader in drone attack after that Iran wants taking revenge and Iran forces attacked on the American forces camps in Iran and Irak. US President Donald Trump takes the responsibilities of attacked and killed big leader of Sulemani. Trump said that Kasim Sulemani was the Terrorist leader and he was includes all the strategies  made by the terrorist against United States, trump said he was too dangerous for American forces trump detailed Kasim Sulemani strategies he said that the Kasim Sulemani making a unit of  terror against American forces and they all grow up slowly and dangerously to attacking the forces.

Trump is not looking worry about it

Donald Trump not replies on this Iran's killing strategies, Trump is a big enemy for Iran, Iran wants to takes revenge in any how position from Trump, Iran's forces also attacked on Americans forces and after that trump said that Iran is nothing in front of United States and Iran never realize, how much powerful of American forces and the other side Iran's leader saying United States will face a big loss by Iran.

The Experts says that Iran and America's war is looking like a beginning of world war 3 and it’s not a good sign for all the powerful countries it causes a big loss of people forces and money, but it's starting from middle east countries because of Terrorism and crude Oil plants.

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