Panipat Movie Review

Movie Review Panipat


          After Mohanjodaro Asutosh Gowarikar once come with the historical Drama that he always love to doing Historical Movie and he also worked with bollywood Biggest Super Star like Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan and Hritik Roshan. With Shahrukh Khan he did Swadesh and with amir khan he came up with Lagaan which is biggest turn of Amir Khan Career Lagaan is best movie of Amir Khan's career which is complete in the direction of Astosh Gowarikar and he also did a great job in Jodha Akbar where Hritik Roshan and Ashvarya in the lead roles and they showed awesome chemistry in the film and this time in 2019 he comes with another big project which titled Panipat and here is performances and review of Panipat Movie.

panipat movie review

Star Cast : Sanjay Dutt, Arjun kapoor, Kriti Sanon, Padmini Kolapuri, Zeenat Amaan, Monish Behel
Producer : Ashtosh Gowarikar
Director: Ashtosh Gowarikar
Screen Play : Chandr Shekhar Dawakar, Ranjeet Bahadur, Aditya rawal, Ashutosh Gowarikar
Story : Story of this Historical Dramatically movie titled by Panipat starts with Marathas Warriors. The Maratha Warriors is wanted to save Indian Country from Afghanis. Afghani wants tack over on indian Capital New Dehli and they have huge amount of Afghani Sainik and A Afghan King which playing by Sanjay Dutt that name is Ahmad Shah Abdali and he is dangerous and winner of big wars he decided to move India to take over all Kingdome and commanding Dehli also.
Plot : Plot is based on a Chapter  of Indian History the movie based on 1761 Panipat Battle which was a big war in between Maratha Sadashiv Rao Bhao and Afghan King Ahmad shah Abdali played by Sajay Dutt and Sadashiv Rao Bhao played by Arjun Kapoor, The first part of movie is devoted to preparing the battle by the Sadashiv Rao Bhao (Arjun Kapoor) and his wife Parwati Bai which played by Kriti Sanon both Husband Wife preparing the battle asking the support from other Indian Kings for the Battle of Panipat because of they heard well known Abdali,
Music : Ajay Atul give the music in this project, Background music is good and nice to listen when it tap the scene it become more effective but songs are not good audience will reject the all song composed by Ajay Atul thats a  week point of Panipat
Kriti Sanon Images

Performances : Sanjay Dutt Also impress by his Performance but some time he failed to looking like top dangerous Villain Arjun Kapoor doing much better in this movie Arjun impress in the climax scene and if we talking about Kriti Sanon she did her job better and impress the audience by her act.

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