Weeken ka War with Salman Khan in Big Boss Season 13

Salman on Weekend ka Vaar

As that everyone waiting the day of weekend ka war the episode included with lots of entertainment people will love to see the salman taking classes of all the contestant, salman asking question In that session that all  the contest did past week with others like behavior, violence and who is not showing his/her passion in the big boss  task and who did it well and support their team in the task. This past week Big Boss give The Hospital task and that’s very dangerous and painful for the contestants and the task is played  very beautifully by everyone who joins this.

Weekend ka war
weekend Ka War
In the first Salman come back in Weekend ka war and taking charges to every he showing no mercy to the contestants who  also not showing mercy on the others while  doing the  task that’s why Salman getting angry  and ask some difficult question in this Weekend ka War episode. First salman said to everyone ‘Get Out of My House’ and showing his anger on this episode.

 Salmman Khan was referring to the last luxury task by  choosing  queen of the house. All Contestants favored in Devoleena being made the queen but Shefali bagga’s strong objection the position remained unfulfilled. Talking about Sultani Akhada the Interesting and most entertaining fight of big boss and Salman put both the siddarth in the BB13 Sultani Akhada it’s very interesting who will be winner after all Siddarth Shukla won the Sultani Akhada.

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