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Is Trump taking action on Turkey - Seriya

Is Trump taking action on Turkey -  Seriya

 Donald Trump said that United States inclusion in Middle East War is big mistake by USA he said, we spent millions and billions dollar in middle east and we got nothing at the end he said it’s a bed decision after all and united states not wanted be a part of this middle east war. Trump reacts on criticism by Republican and Democratic and  he said that middle east stupid and Endless wars only destruction for our country we already spent lot of money in this stupid wars and these are the endless wars which is never give us any profit so we call back to United States Army from the middle east Wars. Trump said United State shouldn’t be there for Middle East Wars it’s our big mistake to participate this.

          After removed fifty or more soldiers by United Stated from North East Seriya then Turkey comes out to attack on Seriya. Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdogan announce official war and attack on seria President Erdogan Says it’s a step forward for against who improved terror campaign in North East Seria. Trump  clears the way for Turkey in Seria after a strong decision made by Donald Trump in for Middle East Countries, give free hands to turkey it remains attacks to seria by the Turkey, Trump said if Turkey continue to doing this then we able to take some Bans on Turkey and taking early action on this.

President Trump says if Turkey Continue doing this then I will destroy all the Turkish Economy and I will taking early action on this Serious matter. Turkish media said that the Turkish Army attacks on 181 North Seriyan Arias. Media Reports says in this Turkish Attacks 15 Mans Dead included with Children, Women and Men also.

Germany France and Britain calls United Nation Security Council Meeting after the Turkey attacks on Seria. Mike Pompeo supports Turkey for this action he said that the Turkey is doing good for Human Being and it’s a safe security call for future and he said that United States never give a green signal to Turkey for doing this at all.

Donald Trump calls US Army for coming back from the Seriya He Said that the United States had faced of eight trillion dollar lost of this stupid Middle east wars and we spent lot of money there that is bad for  our economy that’s why we decide to  withdraw our soldiers from these stupid and endless middle east wars.


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