High Drama on Final Hearing Day in Supreme Court

High Drama on Final Hearing Day in Supreme Court

After 40 marathon day hearing  Ayodhya case on reach its final decision. The five Judges constitution bench led by chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi on Wednesday  reserved its Judgement, After long 27 years hearing is now at the end so final day hearing start with high  voltage drama because situation is pretty difficult and its final day of this longest hearing in history everyone wants a final judgment on this Ayodhya long hearing and it’s not an easy decision to make Judgment on this type of Ayodha Case  which  is fulfill with the two  Big Religious Community of India.

          The Hindu and Muslim sides challenging the three-way partition of disputed 2.77  acres of Ramjanmbhoomi-Babri Masjid land among Ram Lalla, Nirmohi Akhara and the Sunni Waqf Board in Septeber 2010.

Ayodhya Verdict

       Final day hearing start with the conversation of CJI Ranjan Gogoi he said that the hearing is ongoing till 5 PM and after that  we finish the hearing and make the decision on this, this is interesting fact on the day and five judges bench give same amount of time to prove their evidence, C.S. Vedyanathan says that The Hindus were prayaring their since 1885 he says after 1885 British Government Bane the Area and put Ralling the all over part of Janmbhoomi and  he said after 16 December 1949 the Muslim has not doing  their Namaz on  this place but Sunni Baqf Board says that the Muslims did Namaz there  till 1934 and we did our  Friday Namaz their till date, and then comes to point which make violent  in the court room Advocate Vikas singh was giving their plea from the hindu’s community he present  a book in front of bench which is written by Kishore Kunal,  Hindu Mahasabha giving avidence of Ram Janm Bhoomi by this Kishore Kunal book Ayodhya Revisited

Rajeev Dhawan Getting Angry Showing Temper

          Hindu Mahasabha says the book of Kishore Kunal is an evidence of Ram Janm Bhoomi because three maps in this book and these are the telling the story of Ram Janm Bhoomi. Hindu Mahasabha presents book in front of bench on the base of traditional document, but this move of Hindu Mahasabha getting high oriented drama. Sunni Baqf Board’s Advocate Rajeev Dhavan highly objected on this Hindu Mahasbha Action and he said that the new evidence not allowed in this case, in between these all drama heppning Supereme  court revised the deadline for wrapping up the proceeding ayodhya Land dispute case approaches. Supreme court giving prohibitory orders before  its last  hearing of Ayodhya Verdict put Ayodhya in under section 144. Ayodhya is now in under process with supreme Court there is many Police Officers attend and SC don’t want any type of Violent when its final hearing is over then it’s a big risk to announce a final Verdict on Ram Janm Bhoomi.

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