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Why Akshay Kumar is first choice of every Director

Akshay Kumar Becomes BollywoodHit Mchine Now
its a golden time as we can say for akshay Kumar, Akshay giving hits after hits and he picked good script from two and three year his formula of choosing the script is too good he did extremely well written films from past years and now he becomes the first choice of every director and producer. first of all he didlotof film in a year where other big stars doing just one film in a year and sometimes we see only one time in two years a film to by any star but Akshay is always busy in his work he already signed a film after film and spend so many time on the sets this time he is notonly signing too many film but he is picking good script too and its good impact for his career after that he got increase a big ammount of fan following on Social Media and other big platforms, Akshay Kumar delivered four or five movie in a year and we can say all those are super hits in a year it’s a big thing for a Superstar in Bollywood.

       starts from flop s…

Salman Khan is in Action mode in Dabangg 3

Movie Review Bigil

High Drama on Final Hearing Day in Supreme Court

Is Trump taking action on Turkey - Seriya

Is Trump taking action on Turkey -  Seriya

 Donald Trump said that United States inclusion in Middle East War is big mistake by USA he said, we spent millions and billions dollar in middle east and we got nothing at the end he said it’s a bed decision after all and united states not wanted be a part of this middle east war. Trump reacts on criticism by Republican and Democratic andhe said that middle east stupid and Endless wars only destruction for our country we already spent lot of money in this stupid wars and these are the endless wars which is never give us any profit so we call back to United States Army from the middle east Wars. Trump said United State shouldn’t be there for Middle East Wars it’s our big mistake to participate this.

Weeken ka War with Salman Khan in Big Boss Season 13

Salman on Weekend ka Vaar

As that everyone waiting the day of weekend ka war the episode included with lots of entertainment people will love to see the salman taking classes of all the contestant, salman asking question In that session that allthe contest did past week with others like behavior, violence and who is not showing his/her passion in the big bosstask and who did it well and support their team in the task. This past week Big Boss give The Hospital task and that’s very dangerous and painful for the contestants and the task is played very beautifully by everyone who joins this.

Top 10 Rajpal Yadav Movies

Rajpal Yadav Top 10 Movies

Rajpal yadavis an Indian comic actor who acted many films and worked with big stars in Indian Cinema.
1. Hungama (2003)

Hungama co-written by dircctor Priydarshan. who is known as best comedy movie director  in bollywood. it was released on agust 2003 and all the famous comedian actor in this film like Pareshrawal, akshay Khanna, Aftab Shivdeshaani, Rajpal Yadav and Rimi Sen. When Paresh Rawal and his wife decide  to move mumbai from the village and they bought a new home after that paresh rawal start a bussiness to gain his assets and akshay khanna playing a electronic shop manager character, Rimi sen searching for good Jobs just because she meets with akshay khanna and akshay khanna likes her, and aftab shihvdeshani is playing an aspiring musician named Nandu after all all the characters creates good timing of comedy.
2. Chuhp Chup ke (2006) Best Comedy movie director Priydarshan comes with the title of chup chup ke which stares with Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapo…