Once upon a time in HOLLYWOOD Movie Review

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once upon a time in Hollywood

Once upon a time in HOLLYWOOD

 Directed by   : Quentin Tarantino
                      : David Heyman
Produced by : Shannon McIntosh

A faded television actor and stunt copy strive to achieve fame and success in the film industry during 1969’s in Hollywood (Los Angeles).
After the Revenant Leonardo DiCaprio will have seen in Action thriller drama Once Upon a time in Hollywood. The film based on an actor’s life and his body double who is Stunt Double Strive in the film, it is a long time 2015 to 2019 DiCaprio wasn’t did a film in that time after a long time  DiCprio has come with the new thriller story that the demands in Hollywood, and everyone wants to see the movie in that role of Hollywood superstar. That’s the old class movie which has given new invented by the director. The trailer of movie looking awesome fans loving the trailer and the avatar of old class played by Dicaprio and Brad Pitt, this duo pair is looking awesome on the screen and the chemistry between two actors were perfect. They doing their work sharply and people would love him to see that characters.

The film like old class version which pack with new version of drama and fulfill with highlighted thriller we can see their costume and atmosphere were looking also perfect. Director is doing perfect job on the screen that’s we can seeing the trailer . both the actor doing their job perfect, decaprio has come back after a  long time the Oscar winning actor have perfect fan following in the world. His performance in every movie awesome, this time he is tuning with biggest movie  star Bred Pitt,  always creates a goosebumps on the screen this story line based a real story and the drama is going to blooming your minds.

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