Hobbs and Shaw movie review

Hobbs and Shaw Movie Review
Fast  and furious movies

The characters of this fast and furious franchise that’s mean the title of this story Hobbs and Shaw. Luke Hobbs is playing by (Dwayne Johnson) and Deckard Shaw is Jason Statham  both the characters don’t  like each other on the screen but they have no choice other than to work together when the cyber  genetically villain threatens the future of humanity.

    The plot of story is filmed very beautifully it feel like a chase between two characters Hobbs and Shaw they properly against each other they chase each other, they fight with each other, they want to back down the soil of each other and  we can see huge  action and fight between them.  

    The action is awful that we have seen every fast and furious franchise the movies is always full pack with the action that’s why the franchise hitting the screens all over the world. Action lover viewers would love to watch this part of Fast and Furious.

  Director David Leitch gave their contribution is very highly he retain the genre of fast and furious franchise every scene is filmed with the good quality of content. Fast and Furious movies most lovable series all over the world every movie of this series is became the highest collection movie of Hollywood. The movie of this series collects the big numbers from the Box-Office that’s because the makers of the film keeping good work always and people also love to watch them.

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