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Hollywood Movie Review Aladdin

                  Aladdin Movie Review
Director: Guy Ritchie Cast: Will Smith, Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott Rating: 3.5/5
Last Friday Release Hollywood Movie Aladdin is likely an enjoyable package. Disney is just give a good genre in this type of format movie, modern flavor of genre set by the director Guy Ritchie and the director looking for some Bollywood touch in this project which is good thing.
Story: A good story always turn a good project, the genre of movie is completely different level and talk about the story it is very touchy with the character so the all the character gave there good experience on the screen is all set to a good story.
Will Smith doing a fantastic Role in a Genie character, he looking like totally type of Genie who can take you away from the screen and we can say he perfectly lived that character.  VFX is too good by the Disney the always try a different level work to do in VFX Animation.   Aladdin mostly lovable character all over the world and movie is Goosebumps…

Rambo V Last Blood 2019

John Rambo at his Next RAMBO V LAST BLOOD

Bharat The Movie 2019

Salman Khan’s Bharat Movie going to release 5 june 2019
Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan’s upcoming movie titled BHARAT is going to Release on Eid 2019, As every time Superstar Salman Khan Release his Movie on Big Eid Festival so we can say the Eid Biggest Muslim Festival Already Booked by Superstar Salman Khan.
This year 2019 Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan’s Two Block Buster Movies will be release first one is on Eid 2019 Bharat and second one on Christmas 2019 his Blockbuster Movie Series that he played the role of Corrupt and Action, Comedian Character Chulbul Pandey. The Movie name is Dabbangg 3 Salman Khan’s much awaited movie series. Fans excited to watch the third installment of this series.
Salman Khan’s Eid Fastival track record is very high than the others. In Bollywood Salman Khan on top by all time grossing on the list he always ahead than the other Superstar like Amir Khan, AmitabhBacchan, Hritik Roshan and also some times Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan.
Salman Khan Eid 2019 u…