Us President Donald trump calls apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’ In White House Conference

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Donald Trump and Tim Cook

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A Conference in the white House Us President Donald trump calls apple CEO ‘Tim Apple’. Cook’s name tag was placed in front of him on the table.
Where the President addressing the inaugural meeting of the American workforce policy advisory Board he encourage leaders of the industries to reinvest in America.
President Donald trump addressing the industries why they invest in United States of America. There was many more world’s biggest industrialist in the meeting and trump gave them formula of investment in America.

Donald Trump also know as Real estate businessmen Trump took charges of his family's real state business in 1971, and give his own name to his organization trump's company built or renovate scyscrapers hotels casinos and golf courses, trump always interested in Real estate Business, Palm Beach estate, Casinos, golf courses his company built the casino and palm beach also. after trump was elected he called the CEO several tech companies to meet at trump tower, but some companies getting affected from Trump's trade war and also which will affect apples major product including iPhone, iPads, and Macs, US trading companies facing a trade war and it’s not a good sign for United States Economy. In an interview in June 2018, Tim Cook said "I don't think that iPhone will get a tariff on It." and Trump also said "I have a lot of respect for "Tim Cook" and Tim was talking to me about tariff" trump seems to listen to Cook and take his concern seriously.“Tim Cook meets with the president for strategic reasons, if the probability of [tariffs] were zero, they probably wouldn’t meet,” Loup Ventures managing partner Gene Munster said in August.
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