Captain Marvel A super women creates magic on box office

Brie Larson
Brie Larson, Captain Marvel, Movie Review 

Star Cast : Brie Larson, Samuel L.  Jackson, Ben Medelhson, Lee Pace Lashana Lynch, Djimon Hounsou, Clark Greg, jude law, Gemma Chan

 Director : Ann Boden, Ryan Fleck

As we know that the brie Larson in a Super Women Role in Captain Marvel. The content of story is like to think over the super heroes why we like always a superhero but there is different kind of ideology on the screen its good some of the part of movie going fast few things are carried forward without explaining but besides this all the end of time movie was fantastic its watchable.

Movie genre is too good for who loves superhero type of movies and they also find some logic on screen. Critics says it’s good for watching an entertainment package Brie Larson give their good performance and this time we don’t think about Super Hero it’s like a Super Women and she did all the thing which is all the Marvel’s Hero did to entertain the fans, it is good thing to do by director and Marvel films who lead this time a WOMEN in a Super Power role and she deserve this character to play and showing some excellent skill of acting like a super Hero we really don’t miss like spider man and the others.

 Where spider man, iron man and the other super power hero is all set the people’s mind that there is only a person whose face like a men not a women and they save all over the world but this time we feels like a women also can save us with her super power and she also makes an impact on this type of plot this our choice is we going to watch a super women or not.

If we're watching Marvel and we don't talk about The Marvel Cinematic it's not happened. It’s looking like a mixture of all marvel movies, the makers try to do something new but looking like as same as always all the Marvel movies were. all the marvel movies interconnected with this new project. but we can't compare this Marvel franchise to the others, if you expect it's a version of Marvel movies but it will not full satisfaction by the Marvels. Not a patchy story which can't connect the audience and dialogues and some brilliant scene is good but not too good, after all its average film from Marvel.

with good action work as we expect from the marvels its awesome in the action its look like high quality work with no doubt and the VFX is just awesome that's why all the marvel movies loving by the audience and its trademark from the marvel they show always high-class work in the department of VFX and Action.

it’s not a Avenger franchise of movie, and maker takes their own risk with this movie, because we can’t say that the movie takes the place like the other movies of Marvel, cause there is not a superhero which entertain as Marvel always give the responsibilities to his Superhero its new concept with new ideas. But we can say the new version of marvel will excepted by the audience or not.
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