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Sunday, November 3, 2019

November 03, 2019

Terminator Dark Fate Movie Review

  Terminator : Dark Fate Movie Review

After four years Terminator franchise return with the name of Terminator Dark Fate and this time we also expect some different type of concept from  the makers but our expectation is remain same just because we can say the makers of terminator franchise is delivered again a same concept as they did with past two movies, That didn't impress the audience and didn't got good response but this time makers of  Terminator comes with another big project of and we expect some different label of concept. after four years James Cameron comes with his most awaited movie Terminator Dark Fate which is Releasing on 1st November in world wide. When trailer of this franchise is launched on You tube it gets many views but not looking a responsive trailer and it’s not looking like a big franchise of movie but we can't say anything before seeing  a movie its  good or bad so are ging review this movie after catching it on 1st November.
hollywood news
terminator : dark fate

Star Cast : Linda Hamilton (Sarah Conner), Arnold Schwarzenegger (The Terminator), Mackenzie Davis (Grace), Nataliya Reyes (Dani Ramos), Gabriel Luna (Terminator)
Director : Tim Miler

Producer : James Cameron and Davis Ellison
Screen Writer : James Cameron, Charles Eglee, Josh Friedman, David S. Goyer, Justin Rhodes and Billy Ray

Story and Screenplay : As  we wish this time Terminator comes with some different stpry line but it not true it's a Old time version of story in this movie that's why so many people talking about the weakest point of Terminator Dark Which has no grown moment and looking like an old version of story which we have seen many times in this type of  movie so that's all from the story which is not gripping the screen play, sometimes it’s looking slow but get some momentum after it.

Plot : Movie plos is same as we seen many times in Terminator franchise, there is a girl and some future human's comes to kill her and some is also wanted to save her and Arnold Schwarzenegger playing same character as he played always in Terminator this is all from the story and plot from the movie if fans wanted to see something new from this but there is no more twists and turn.

Performance : talking about performances all the character doing there job beautifully and every character of movie is looking nice and actor did there hundred percent of work specially Arnold Schwarzenegger looking awesome as he plays always a terminator role he did this fantastically we can enjoy the characters.

VFX : There is top quality of VFX using by the makers and its not easy to shoot a movie with VFX, makers using good  quality VFX in the movie and it made after all a good quality movie.

Action : Lot of top action scene which is never seen before in a movie and its taking us to glimps and its impressive for action lover movies they will enjoy it very well and giving strong content this type of movies.     


Thursday, October 31, 2019

October 31, 2019

Why Akshay Kumar is first choice of every Director

            Akshay Kumar Becomes Bollywood  Hit Mchine Now

           its a golden time as we can say for akshay Kumar, Akshay giving hits after hits and he picked good script from two and three year his formula of choosing the script is too good he did extremely well written films from past years and now  he becomes the first choice of every director and producer. first of all he did  lot  of film in a year where other big stars doing just one film in a year and sometimes we see only one time in two years a film to by any star but Akshay is always busy in his work he already signed a film after film and spend so many time on the sets this time he is not  only signing too many film but he is picking good script too and its good impact for his career after that he got increase a big ammount of fan following on Social Media and other big platforms, Akshay Kumar delivered four or five movie in a year and we can say all those are super hits in a year it’s a big thing for a Superstar in Bollywood.

bollywood news akshay kumar

       starts from flop streak by Akshay Kumar that  was the time between 2001 to 2011-12 when he made some poor script of film which is Disaster on Box-office and hasn't collect the budget amount from the Box-office but he didn't leave his passion to doing the films after 2012 he get back his stardom in 2012 from he did Rowdy Rathore and its a super hit movie for Akshay after that he gave too many of hits like Special-26, Boss, Holiday, Gabbar is Back, Brother, Singh is Bling  which is remake of Singh is King and then he come in year of 2016 when  he picks Airlift, Housefull 3 and Rustom which is Blockbuster Super hit and Hit and in 2017-18 comes up with akshay's good time he delivered some of good script of movie like Jolly LLB 2, Naam Shabana, Toilet Ek Premkatha, Padman, 2.0, and now in 2019 he start with a blockbuster like Kesari and then he gave good content movie like Mission Mangal which is super hit on the Box-office.
akshay kumar movies
    talking about Akshay's upcoming movie in 2020 to 2022 he already signed good projects with Bollywood's biggest directors like Rohit Shetty who is working with Akshay Kumar in Suryawanshi and in 2019 he comes with Housefull 4 wich is comedy film in 2020 he comes with Good News working with after a long time with  Kareena Kapoor, Bollywood's big Banner already announce a film with Akshay its a big surprise given by Akshay Kumar for his fans on his Birthday when he announce Prathviraj Chauhan with Yash Raj Films and many of  big project to come out in future like Crake, Laxmi Bomb, Bachhan Pandey and rumours also comes up with Hera Pheri 3.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October 29, 2019

Salman Khan is in Action mode in Dabangg 3


dabangg 3 trailer
Dabangg 3

Salman Khan is in Action mode in Dabangg 3

     Salman Khan's most avaited movie Dabangg 3 trailer out now and audience love that very much it’s a long ttime after we have seen Salman Khan in this Mass look Sallman's fans waiting this from a long time, and trailler winning hearts all over  after Bharat Salman comes with his most lovable character, this is most lovable franchise of Salman Khan and wait is now over it will Releasing in Christmas 2019. Christmas 2019 have already booked by  Salman Khan and this Christmas he breaks the Big Record of box-office. Salman Khan is also known as box-office king  whenever he comes with his movie on the box-office his Mass audience comes with huge amount in the theatres and his films always known for breaks the record, this time he booked big festival of all over the world and Dabangg3 gets many of holidays in Chrisman people also love the trailer and huge amount of audience will go to see this opening day and movie collection going to breaks the record of collection. Saman this time giving the chance for Dabangg 3 direction to Prabhu Deva who is big Mass Movie director, he made the Salman Khan career from Wanted, Wanted is a big turn up for Salman Khan’s career it's a big masala entertain movie also got thums up by the audience after that Salman Khan gives hits after hits and he becomes the king of collection in Bollywood. 
dabangg 3
            Dabangg director and Dabangg  2 director Arbaaz Khan is not doing  the direction this time of Dabangg 3 Salman give the direction his most trustable friend Prabhu Deva because Dabangg 2 hasn's got good reviews from the critics that’s why Salman Khan giving the chance to Prabhu Deva, talking about the trailer of Dabangg 3 its launches on the big public platforms and getting early   trends on youtube its cross over  30 Millions views in only four days and becomes most watchable trailer on youtube. Salman reunite the star cast of Dabangg 3 like Sonakshi Sinha plays his wife role Rajjo, and there Arbaz Khan as Makkhi (Makkhan Singh) but some new character added by the makers like Sanjay Manjrekar's Daughter Saiee Manjrekar is now Romancing with Salman Khan and Villain of the movie is playing by South Superstar Sudeep who is playing the role of Balli Singh, Story of this Dabbangg franchise is looking  good and movie is fully loaded by the action and drama and some comeddy scenes make us llaugh and giving good screenplay to the fiilm.
Salman khan movies
Salman Khan Films
   Salman Khan also Announce his big next project witth the release date of Eid 2020, before Radhe announce Salman Khan Releasing his film with Sanjaay Leela Bhansali and some parts of movie were shoted in the big sets. the movie name is Inshaallah directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali its releasing on Eid 2020 but Salman Khan leev that project and get quit from the Inshallah after that movie got shalved and Salman made quick decision with  Prabhu Deva and announce his next prject in Eid 2020 Salman khan not wanted to lose his big festive date like Eid and make quick decision and Announce the Radhe which is releasing in Eid 2020 Directed by Prabhu Deva.

            Sanjay Leela Bhansali is now reunit with Ajay Devgan for his next project but it's not official yet, Sanjay leela Bhansali also Booked next Diwali Season he announe his next movie with Alia Bhatt titled with Gangu Bai which is releasing on Diwali 2020 and Bhansali also looking for his big Diwali 2021 project which is most aviated film also based on a Old Hindi Movie Baiju Bawra. Bhansali is convincing Ranveer Singh for Baiju Bawra and its fourth time the duo Bhansali and Ranveer Singh doing work with each other.